Mursalski tea

Mursalski tea

This magical herb is a phenomenon among the herbs in the whole world. It has a very rich content of microelements and a pleasant taste. Mursalski tea:

  • Grows only in the Balkan Peninsula mountains;
  • Grows at the altitude of at least 1000m;
  • Its natural habitats are prohibited from harvesting.
  • Until recently they have been kept under armed guard funded by UNESCO;
  • Since 1996, it has been in the Red Book of endangered species of Bulgaria;
  • It is called “a herb for each and every pain” because of its many beneficial effects on most body functions.

Mursalski tea contains:

  • Selenium, known to stop the growth of cancer cells;
  • Calcium, sodium, magnesium, known to stabilize the blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • Large amounts of flavonoids that make it a powerful antioxidant and an antiviral agent;
  • Zinc that affects positively the whole urinary tract including prostate, prevents kidney stones formation and helps boosting the libido;
  • All in all 24 microelements necessary for the human body.

Drink tea with pleasure! Herbs are healthy and tasty. Enjoy hot or cold.

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